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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of decision-makers from across the Lehigh Valley whose task is to help create

the vision for Mercy’s present and future. Each Board member takes a hands-on approach to implementing this vision by

serving on at least one of the following committees: Development/Marketing, Enrollment, Facilities, Finance and Strategic Planning.

These committees also include non-Board members who have a passion for helping our students be successful.



President: Joseph Alfier, Mack Truck Defense, LLC
Vice President: Loretta M. Leeson, Northampton Community College
Treasurer: Christopher Kuhn, Olympus Company of America
Secretary: Heather Kasarda, County of Lehigh

Andrea Neagle, At Large



Christine Alvarez, Private Practice Attorney
Chris Birkhead, Hampson Mowrer-Kreitz Insurance Agency, Partner
Michael Chovanes

Alex Dezubay

Jim Foley
Jane George

Anthony Haddad

Ellen Link

Genny Manzella, The Quaker Oats Company, Retired
John Minutella

MaryBeth Mulicka

Jerry Noll, TransEdge Trucking and IAI Construction, Retired

Larry Petfield
Erc Spinosa, Penn State Paper Co., Owner

Dr. Brooke Tesche


If you are interested in learning about our Board in a membership or committee role,

please contact Mark Napierkowski, Director of Development, at 610.797.8242 or

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