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Curriculum Approach

Mercy believes that all students can grow and learn. We provide students an opportunity to be safe and accepted in a Christ-centered environment. Students have an Individual Instruction Plan which sets goals in many areas including:

  • Academics

  • Life-Skills

  • Pre-Vocational Training

  • Vocational Training

  • Transition

  • Social and Emotional Skills


We offer a high level of support and intervention through a program tailored to each child’s unique learning needs. Mercy has a strong belief in their students and we work to promote self-confidence and independence.


In conjunction with our strong academic program, we also emphasize the social and emotional development of each child through explicit instruction around relationship building, social communication skills training and problem solving.


Math – Hands on learning, manipulatives, unique approaches based on student need. Materials to support their Math goals are taken from a variety of sources best suited to the student’s learning needs.


Language Arts – A multi-sensory, phonetically based approach to reading and writing. We focus on what the student needs such as a functional reading and writing approach or a higher level program focusing on comprehension, improving writing skills, and job preparation.


Life-Skills – Life Skills are a very important part of the programs at Mercy School. We strongly believe in preparing our students for life after Mercy independence, self-reliance, and personal advocacy.


Vocational Training – Students ages 14 and older can participate in our Job Works Program. Our job coaches work with the students at various job sites in the community.  Our program also offer opportunities jobs within the school for students to develop prepare for a placement in the community. They develop skills and habits which can carry them into their next steps after Mercy graduation.

Technology is an integral part of the Mercy curriculum. Our students use their individual Ipads to better access the curriculum. Students also use their Ipads for writing, educational websites, and games which support their individual goals. All of our technology is protected with the a state of art cyber security system to ensure our student’s safety.

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