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School Age

Children with typical needs who are turning six-years-old will graduate from our Pre-K Program and move on to their school of choice. Students with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities, however, will continue on in our School Age Program for ages 5 to 21.


The School Age Program follows a typical school year calendar, and all students are grouped by age and ability instead of grade levels. Each student receives an Instructional Plan that establishes goals and objectives for the school year; this plan is created with input from the students’ parents, the classroom teacher and the principal.


Our School Age Program focuses on helping students reach their fullest potential through development in all areas of growth and, in particular, self-confidence.



  • Academic & Vocational Life Skills

  • Self-help, Communication & Behavior

  • Religious Instruction (sacramental preparation, liturgical music, celebrations and activities)

  • Adapted Physical Education

  • Art & Music Therapy

  • Speech Therapy

  • Physical & Occupational Therapy (provided by CLIU-21 if chosen by parent)

  • Community Engagement

  • Work Experience (both at school and in a work environment)

  • Swimming at Rodale Aquatic Center

  • Gymnastics at Parkettes

  • Field Trips & Group Activities

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