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Mercy Job Works

Our Work Experience Program is an invaluable part of students’ Instructional Plans and their maturation toward becoming productive members of their community. The Work Experience Program provides students 14 and older with an introduction to basic work ethic skills that they can master independently over a period of time. Students in this program apply what they have learned in the classroom either at a worksite location in the community or in an in-school setting (e.g., cafeteria).


Students participating in Mercy Job Works are under the guidance of a Job Coach and each of their community placements. Our job coaches help the students master learned skills and acquire new skills through out the course of their job placement. Tasks are aligned with the goals outlined in the student’s instructional plans.


Becoming familiar with the work environment, learning new skills and adapting to education in a non-classroom setting are big steps for Mercy students. Thus, the ultimate goal of the Work Experience Program is to increase a student’s skills for independent working which will increase the chances of him or her finding meaningful employment after graduation.


We are grateful to the following companies who graciously serve as worksites through the Work Experience Program:

  • Atas International, INC

  • Yocco’s

  • St. Thomas More School

  • Phoebe Florist

  • DeSales University

  • Ringers Roost

  • Jack’s Slice

  • Tyber Medical, LLC

  • CAI, Computer Aid International

  • Candle Wood Suites

  • Muhlenberg Dining Services

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